Will your information

take you for a

rollercoaster ride?

Never happen here. Dealer Select and our websites DealerSelect.com/ 123Car.com/ AutoByCreditUnion.com are committed to responsible and secure management of your consumer data. We comply with all rules and laws, both ethical and legal, with respect to the use of consumer information obtained by us and we adhere strictly to all state and federal guidelines at all times. We undertake to continuously monitor our management of the use and security of consumer information to uphold your rights and privacy.
We have been online since 1996 and have never sold or offered to sell any data that we have ever received, nor have we shared that information with any third parties for consumer studies. We have also never shared that data with anyone outside our Certified Dealer Network where our authorized agents are certified for honesty, integrity, value, and a list of 22 other important criteria they must meet to be certified by us.

What makes us different?

Dealer Select is one of the only online auto buying services that does not ask for your home address. We don't need to write you or send you junk mail so why would we collect that info? The reason some online car buying sites do such is to trade, share or sell it to someone who will use it to solicit you for another product at a later date. We strongly urge you to avoid such traps. We will never send you mail or email of any sort unless we have a problem with your submission. All information that is given to us is only shared with a Certified Dealer Select representative and to be used only for the purpose of fulfilling your request that you have submitted. We have two options for submitting your auto request. One with cookies and one without. The cookie version tracks your data using cookies only until the final submission of your request is received. The cookies are not stored for later identification of you in any form whatsoever and are destroyed. We do track IP addresses and the pages visited in a generic non-personal format.

This statement outlines the type of information we collect and store, our usage policy, and whom to contact with questions or concerns. We do not alter our policies unless a request is received from a court order or a bona fide law enforcement official involving a criminal investigation. No data is sold, traded, or used for any other purpose than stated herein.

  is our secure data services network. They provide a single network solution to your confidential digital information. It never leaves the network which it resides on and is not stored by IsSecure.org for future use. This service is a point to point total solution.

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